Why Choose Elevated Orthodontics?

When it comes to selecting an orthodontic provider to treat yourself and your family, we understand how difficult it can be. Here at Elevated Orthodontics, treating patients is not just our job, it is our passion. Our office possesses a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and you will be treated with exceptional care from the moment you walk in. We treat kids of all ages, starting around age 7.

And adults, remember that braces are not just for kids! It is never too late to receive the care you need to align your teeth and achieve a healthier and more beautiful smile.

When you receive orthodontic treatment here at Elevated Orthodontics, you are not just another patient — you become a member of our family. We value you and your family and will never forget that being chosen to care for you is a privilege and an honor.

During your appointments, you can expect to receive an all-inclusive treatment plan designed specifically to meet your unique needs and lifestyle. Our goal is not simply to straighten your teeth but to help you achieve a healthy, functional bite and give you results that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Dr. Anika Rodgers is one of a few orthodontists in the area that is a board-certified diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. Dr. Rodgers is also trained in craniofacial orthodontics and proficient in treating special needs patients as well as those with craniofacial anomalies. We are confident in the ability of our experienced orthodontist and team to provide you with the personal, high-quality care you deserve, and we invite you to schedule a consultation so we can show you just how healthy and beautiful your smile can be.

Your First Orthodontic Visit

Your first visit to Elevated Orthodontics is an exciting time for all of us! This is our opportunity to get to know you and your opportunity to learn about the treatments and services we provide. When you first enter our office, you may notice that it looks similar to your regular dentist’s office, but what we do here is very different. Everything begins with your initial consultation.

At your first visit, our orthodontist and team need to determine what type of treatment is necessary to correct any problems you may have and when that treatment should begin. Some patients will need to begin treatment right away while others may benefit from beginning treatment at a later date. We will begin by taking a series of photographs and X-rays to capture images of your teeth. These images help us view:

  • The positions and growth of your bones and joints.
  • The positions of your teeth and tooth roots.
  • Any teeth below the gumline that have not yet erupted.

We will also take a scan of your teeth that will allow us to visualized an exact replica of your teeth and bite! All of these images and photographs will help Dr. Anika Rodgers understand your exact orthodontic needs and how to provide your treatment.

Following the imaging process, Dr. Rodgers will carefully look at the photos and X-rays and perform a thorough examination of your mouth. We will also discuss your oral health and function with you, asking questions such as whether or not your jaws make noise when you open and close your mouth or if you have any problems chewing or swallowing. Dr. Rodgers can then make a diagnosis and finalize your treatment plan.

If you do need orthodontic care, we may begin your treatment that same day or at a later time, depending on the developmental stage of your teeth and jaws.

Let’s Make a Plan

We have five essential questions to discuss with you during your initial consultation:

  1. Is there an orthodontic problem? If so, what is it?
  2. What needs to be done to correct that problem?
  3. Should any teeth be extracted?
  4. How long will orthodotnic treatment take?
  5. How much will orthodontic treatment cost?

By the time you leave our office, you should have a thorough understanding of your orthodontic needs and treatment plan. We encourage you to ask questions — we want you to feel completely comfortable and confident in the care we provide.

Take the first step towards your new smile now! Call our office today to schedule a new patient consultation and learn about the orthodontic treatments available in Sparks and Reno, Nevada!

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At Elevated Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on making a real difference in our patients’ lives when it comes to their confidence, comfort and overall oral health. To see how we can make a difference in your life too, call today or click below to schedule your first appointment with our orthodontist!