Traditional Treatment With Modern Comfort

Today’s metal braces are different from the braces of the past. Modern braces for adults use thinner, less obstructive brackets and wires, meaning that most patients can eat, drink and clean their teeth with minimal changes to their daily routines.

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Doesn’t Stain Teeth

Metal braces are made from nonreactive materials, meaning that, unlike other types of braces, patients will not have to avoid certain types of food and drink to avoid staining the enamel of the teeth.

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Durable and Safe

Dental braces are far less likely to chip or crack with normal wear than ceramic or clear braces. Metal braces are less likely to need adjustments or repair than other materials and, when used with a mouth guard, are safe for almost all physical activity.

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Cost Effective

We are proud to offer braces in Sparks and Reno, Nevada, which are less expensive than other orthodontic treatment options and work quickly and dependably for a straighter, healthier smile.

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